What to Do When You Can’t Manage All of Your Social Media Profiles

You’ve heard that you need to be active in social media these days to promote your business or website. But there are so many different social media tools available that it can be impossible to maintain active profiles on all of them. What can you do about it?

First, you really need to find the best tools for your business and your audience — not every tool. That’s too much segmentation. But sometimes even after you narrow down your options, regular management and interaction with your community can be overwhelming. So let’s talk about some options you have when you are in that position.

3 Options for Social Media Profiles You Can’t Manage

If you’re struggling with your current social media presence, from managing consistency across platforms to finding enough time to engage your community, here are some things you can do to ease the burden.

  • Delegate – If you have employees, consider passing some of the social media responsibilities to them. Just be sure to train them properly because everything they do and say will represent you and your company. For example, give them a standard profile bio and logo to include in every instance for consistency. And outline what kinds of things they may and may not share with the public via social media tools.
  • Outsource – If you don’t have employees or none of them have the time or skills to help you manage your social media presence, hire an external firm or individual with the expertise you need. DSS Media is one example of a firm with years of experience and the ability to offer competent social media services to help your business or website.
  • Eliminate – Sometimes even after cutting back, you’ll still try to do too much. If a social media tool doesn’t give you benefits you aren’t getting elsewhere (or helping you reach members of your audience that you can’t reach elsewhere), you might have to come to terms with giving it up. That leaves you more time to more effectively use other tools.

Demonstrate The Differences

Don’t be afraid to try new social media tools if they look like more effective ways to reach your intended audience. But don’t get so caught up in following the latest fads that you can’t afford to spend the resources required to manage your presence on tools you already know work well for you. Successful social media plans require balance and the ability to not only change with the times, but to know when to get help when you need it and let go of efforts that no longer deliver.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed by the time commitment required to use social media tools effectively? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts and stories.